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EH Ripper – the kite for experts!

Eric Hertsens is the man behind EH-kites. Eric started to kitesurf 1997, but he wasn’t satisfied with kite gear that were available on the market at that time and so he started to modifiy and improve the kites that he used back then. People got interested in Eric’s modifications and more and more people asked for his help to make modifications on their own kites. This was the reason to why Eric launched his own company EH in year 2000.

Today is three different EH kites available on the market, Ripper, Beast and Ovando. Ripper is probably the most common of the three and it is known for its high performance in gusty strong wind where it’s stable and still very quick and fast in responsiveness. Furthermore, the Ripper is very powerful and the lift is unbelievable, simply a beast when it comes to high jumps! Ripper has been released in six different version. v6 is the newest version for year 2010.  EH plans to develop a new 12M Ripper kite for 2011, but they say that they don’t really see they point with a larger kite partly since the V6 ripper has a huge wind span, (see the image below), partly because the 10M Ovando performs so extremely well, that it’s hard to make an even better kite.

v6 wind span